About CHPT

Charlton Heritage Preservation Trust is a group of conservation minded individuals working to encourage the preservation of critical open space and unique natural resources in Charlton, Massachusetts. CHPT exists primarily to protect the natural beauties and rural character of the town of Charlton, MA. CHPT is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable land trust with an Agreement and Declaration of Trust dated May 2, 1999 and recorded with the Worcester Registry of Deeds in Book 25536, Page 260.

What We Do

CHPT members and supporters strive to:
  • PRESERVE the natural beauties and rural character of the Town of Charlton.
  • EDUCATE the public as to the wise use of natural resources, the value of open space and the principles of land use planning.
  • CONSERVE, protect and preserve in their natural or open condition, for the benefit of present and future generations, the lands and waters of Charlton and those adjacent to, including rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, woodlands, wetlands of all kinds, wildlife of all kinds, wildlife habitat, agricultural lands (including their continued use for agricultural purposes), sites of historical or ecological significance and other scenic, natural or productive lands or waters.
  • PROMOTE the application of sound conservation and land-use planning practices to such lands and waters and the plant and animal communities therein.
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CHPT is proud to be part of new The Midstate Trail Conservation Partnership!

MSTCP is a new collaboration between local communities, land trusts, trail groups, planning boards, conservation commissions and others passionate about preserving lands and access for the Midstate Trail. Download MSTCP's Brochure.

CHPT Contact Information

Charlton Heritage Preservation Trust
P.O. Box 92
Charlton Depot, MA 01509

CHPT Board of Trustees 2024-2025

William Blasius, President - charltonlandtrust@gmail.com
Lisa Westwell, Vice President
Sandra Dam, Treasurer
Karin Johnson, Clerk
Janet Blasius
Colin Novick
Jim Moran
Elizabeth Moran

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