CHPT relies on the generousity of individuals and businesses. Here are some simple ways to help. Donations may be mailed to CHPT, P.O. Box 92, Charlton Depot, MA 01509. For questions, please email


When you join CHPT, you will:
  • HELP protect the historic heritage and natural beauty of Charlton, Massachusetts.
  • LEARN more about the ecology and natural resources of our town.
  • STAY informed about local open space and conservation issues.
  • HAVE an opportunity to act on your preservation beliefs through volunteering with CHPT.
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CHPT Gift Memberships

A one year membership is the right size for everyone!

  • relatives
  • friends
  • co-workers
  • teacher
  • mailman
  • newspaper carrier
  • neighbors
  • staff

A $25 individual membership will help Preserve, Conserve, and Protect Charlton. Gift membership recipients will get a welcome package that includes a welcome letter acknowledging your gift and a CHPT brochure! Memberships are valid from February to February. Download a gift membership form!

Board Members

Charlton Heritage Preservation Trust is governed by a 9 member Board of Trustees. CHPT Trustees are seeking preservation and conservation minded individuals to fill vacancies on this all volunteer board. Trustees are required to be CHPT Members. Attendance is essential at regular Board of Trustee meetings which are held in town once a month or as needed. In addition, Trustees attend the annual meeting of the members in February which is also open to the public. Trustees are responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the Trust, reviewing parcels and deeds, conducting site visits, and generally overseeing the land owned by the Trust. Trustees may be appointed by the Board to serve until the February annual meeting at which time the Trustees must be elected by the membership for a one year term. This is an excellent opportunity for environmentally minded individuals with a wide variety of skills to make a personal impact on the future of land preservation in Charlton.

Volunteer Property Stewards

Do you love to walk or hike in the woods? Do you notice flowers, animal tracks, and trees? Do you whisper to yourself when you see changes, good or bad, in the lands you love? Do you like to explore new places in town or are you an abutter to CHPT owned open space and already keep an eye on things? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would make an excellent Volunteer Property Steward! CHPT is responsible for the stewardship of roughly 200 acres of open space spread out over 18 separate parcels in Charlton. Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of the land entrusted to our care. Proper management of the land requires consistent monitoring. Volunteer Property Stewards (VPSs) would be responsible for monitoring activities, including walking CHPT property boundaries and interiors of parcels, looking for and documenting signs of natural changes in habitat, noting any man made infringements or activities that violate deeds or conservation restrictions for each parcel, photographing the property at multiple fixed locations to provide a permanent record, and assisting CHPT in evaluating parcels over time. A minimum of two individuals would be assigned to steward a parcel or group of parcels. Documentation forms would be provided for twice yearly monitoring of land. Stewards would be appointed by and report directly to the Board of Trustees. Volunteer Property Stewards represent a vital component of open space management and as a Property Steward volunteer, you will be get the great satisfaction of knowing that your efforts help keep the open space in Charlton well maintained and pristine.

Other Volunteer Opportunities
  • Events - assist with or coordinate events/programs
  • Fund Raising - develop or organize fundraisers
  • Grant Application - seeking and applying for grants
  • Grant Implementation - implementing the grants that we receive
  • Membership - develop ways to increase membership
  • Newsletter - write articles for inclusion in our semi-annual newsletter
  • Programs - identify programs that CHPT might be interested in sponsoring or participating in
  • Publicity - write news articles, create posters, be creative in getting the word out about CHPT
  • Site Review - visit sites around Charlton that are offered to CHPT or that CHPT is interested in protecting
  • Stewardship - assist in the maintenance of properties owned by the Trust, including trail maintenance
Website Sponsorship Available Annually

CHPT's website gives residents of Charlton and the general public 24 hour access to land trust information, events, activities, and property updates. Our website costs are around $250 per year and we are seeking an individual or business sponsorship to help defray that cost. In return, our website sponsor will receive a free one year membership and their name, business name and/or logo with a link to their website will be included on our website's homepage. Donations to CHPT are tax deductible as allowed by law.


CHPT is proud to be a member of GuideStar. Click on the GuideStar logo and you will be directed to our GuideStar page and information.
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