Charlton Earth Day
CHPT Booth on the Common
April 29, 2023, 11 am - 2pm

Finding Birds in Central Massachusetts
Presentation by MA Audubon's Dr. Martha Gach
May 18, 2023, 7:00 pm
Charlton Library, Dexter Hall

An overview of birds and birdwatching in central Massachusetts, including bird identification, bird behavior, and association with different habitats. Nearly 450 species of birds are found in Massachusetts – which ones might you expect nearby, and where should you look for others? What makes good bird habitat, and how can we support birds?

Dr. Martha Gach is Education Manager for Mass Audubon’s Central Region and the Sanctuary Ecologist at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester. She is a graduate of Mass Audubon’s Birders Certificate Program, leads birdwalks and programs, and helps manage habitat for birds and other wildlife. Martha designed and maintains the sustainable landscape at Broad Meadow Brook to support wildlife, including pollinators, birds and people.

This is a unique opportunity to learn about the Charlton Heritage Preservation Trust’s diverse habitats that make up our 19 properties and some of the wildlife that inhabit those spaces and your backyard.

Area Activities, Walks, and Hikes

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Buffumville Lake

Appalachian Mountain Club - Worcester Chapter

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