Cranberry Meadow

This beautiful 57 acre parcel of open space was donated by Ronald Etre in April of 2002 as part of a flexible subdivision plan. On the property are picturesque stone walls and attractive plants that are complemented by a beaver pond to create a wonderful habitat for native animals. Pratt Brook flows through the property as it heads toward the north end of Glen Echo Lake. This property abuts Cranberry Meadow Cemetery which is owned by the Town of Charlton. Mr. Etre also donated additional property to the Town which adds to the Cemetery to form a contiguous piece of protected land between the two parcels. Based on the plot plan, this acreage also abuts the Spencer Town Line to the north, corporate held property to the northeast, and privately owned land to the southeast and southwest sections.

Permitted/Prohibited Uses

Hiking Dogs on Leash Scenic Area No Hunting No Motorized Vehicles

Assessor's Map Data: Parcel ID # 2-A-6

Property List A-Z
Cranberry Meadow
Fitzgerald Road
Great Blue Heron Cove
Hammond Woods
Jennings Road Ext
Lambs Pond
Little River
Manor Ridge
Ponnakin Hill
Potter Village Estates
Preservation Estates
Shield's Frog Pond
Willow Tree Farm
Photo Gallery

Pratt's Pond

Lady Slipper

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