Fitzgerald Road

The Fitzgerald Road property is a 1.45 acre parcel that is primarily rich, diversified, wetland habitat. Donated by Paul and Lois Burque, this land contains white and yellow birch trees, mountain laurel, ferns, moss, and other wetland related plants and trees. The entire parcel is identified as being part of the following National Heritage Endangered Species Programs (NHESP): BioMap2 Core Habitat, Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife, and Priority Habitats of Rare Species. The property is located directly across the street from 107 Fitzgerald Road. If you're taking your daily walk, pause here and enjoy the view.

Please respect the homeowners along Fitzgerald Road if parking on the road.

Permitted/Prohibited Uses

Hiking Dogs on Leash Scenic Area No Hunting No Motorized Vehicles

Assessor's Map Data: Parcel ID # 13-A-2.8

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